Sample Reenex Services Along With Their Prices

Many people are often asking one question: is Reenex good or bad? The truth is that, if are you looking for the best beauty specialist in town lately, maybe you should try Reenex Beauty & Slimming Specialist if you haven’t done that before.Generally, Reenex cps Beauty and Slimming Specialists are in the Central Business District of Sydney. The location of the business is easily reachable, which means that anyone can reach out to the specialist for some high quality treatments after work or during lunch hours. The main job of the specialists is to treat your body, so that when you leave the beauty settings, you will feel complete,

like you have never felt before. There are different types of body treatments, and each attracts a different price range. Once you get at this place – if you are living in Sydney or visiting Sydney of course – you will get any beauty treatments that you want. Below are interesting sample beauty treatments along with their prices.

Sample services offered by Reenex cps Beauty & Slimming Specialists Eyebrow waxing Your eyebrows are properly waxed; you will leave the Reenex cps premise looking young, pure, calm and beautiful in your eyes. This service will cost you only $10 USD. Protein Calming Treatments The exact name given to this treatment is Selvert Snaik protein extract calming treatment. This treatment includes a thirty minutes face and neck massage. A mixture of Snaik protein extract and regenerating creams are used for the massage. The treatment also removes white heads and black heads, commonly referred to as acne vulgaris, from the skin. Experts at Reenex will clean, steam and exfoliate your skin. This treatment will cost only $128 USD.

The Cool Soothing Treatment This treatment doesn’t cost a fortune. In fact, it is cheap and one of the best that you should consider. In Cool Soothing Treatment, your skin will be cleaned, steamed and exfoliated. Experts at Reenex will use the safest and the best soothing serum and cream to perform this treatment. This treatment also removes black heads and white heads from the skin. There is a 30 minutes massage offered using soothing creams. This treatment will cost only $98 USD. Sothy Immuniscience Serum Treatment The price for this treatment is $98.00 USD, same as the Cool Soothing Treatment. This treatment includes a 30 minutes face and neck massage administered using the immuniscience creams and serum. This treatment is also able to remove white heads and black heads from the skin.